Individual Sweepstakes

In addition to calculating team sweepstakes, FTN can also calculate individual (sometimes referred to as pentathlon) sweepstakes. This calculates which individual competitors earned the most sweepstakes points.

Step 1. Set individual sweepstakes point totals (Setup->Tab Settings)

As with team sweepstakes, the first step is to set how many points competitors earn in individual sweepstakes for 1st-7th or Gold/Silver/Bronze.  Even if the point totals are the same for team and individual sweepstakes, you should confirm the point totals.

Click on the event type and then the sweepstakes-ind (individual) tab. Enter the correct point totals and click update to save.

Note that you can also set these on a per-event basis by going to Setup->Events

Click on the event, and edit the values under the sweeps-ind (individual) section. Click Update to save. 

Step 2: Calculate Individual Sweepstakes (Results->Sweepstakes)

You will need to select what events are included in the sweepstakes calculations. For example, some tournaments have separate awards for platform events and oral interp events. If you want to calculate a division award (such as top novice competitor) just select the events in that division from the list. 

In the middle Options column, change the Type to "Individual" and then on the right click Screen (to view) or PDF (to print).

In the example below, I'm running individual event sweepstakes for all IEs:

You'll then see a list with the point totals, school, competitor, and the events the competitor earned their points in.  

I will usually copy/paste the data into a word doc to edit & print for awards ceremonies. 

If I were to run an award for top novice individual events, I would select just the novice events. After clicking on the Screen button only the events selected will be used to calculate results.

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