Team Sweepstakes

Team sweepstakes can be easily calculated based on final event placings. 

NOTE: You must first setup sweepstakes divisions before calculating team sweepstakes results.

Step 1: Setup Sweepstakes Points - Setup->Tab Settings

On the tab settings, you can set the global event type sweepstakes points for 1st through 7th or Gold/Silver/Bronze placings:

Click on the event types and then either the team sweepstakes or individual sweepstakes:

You should enter numbers (such as 7). You can also enter decimals such as 11.25. Click update to save the settings.

Or, if you need it more finely tuned, you can set the sweepstakes points for each event under Setup->Events. This can be helpful if a certain event only counts for half points (such as rookie divisions):

Next, click on the event you want to set the sweepstakes points totals for and go to the sweepstakes-ind (individual) or sweepstakes-team links:

Enter numbers (such as 7). You can also enter decimals such as 11.25. Click update to save the event specific sweepstakes points.

Step 2: Calculate Team Sweepstakes (Results->Sweepstakes)

You will need to select what events are included in the sweepstakes calculations. For example, some tournaments have separate awards for individual event sweepstakes (select only the IE events) and debate event sweepstakes (select only the debate events). If you want to calculate a division sweepstakes award (such as novice) just select the events in that division from the list.

In the example below, I'm running individual event sweepstakes:

You can select in the middle column if you are running team or individual sweepstakes, and how many placings you want to list on the next page. I usually just always select all and then copy/paste the results into a word doc to print. Click Screen to view or PDF if you are going to print. 

Scroll down below the data table for the results:

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