Sweepstakes Divisions

In order for FTN to calculate the team sweepstakes awards, you must first set what sweepstakes divisions you will be offering and assign schools to those divisions.

NOTE: If you only have a single sweepstakes division, you will still need to save a division (such as "Overall") and assign all schools to that division for the team sweepstakes to calculate results.

Step 1: Save Sweepstakes Divisions (Entries->Schools->Sweepstakes Divisions->Divisions)

Click on the Sweepstakes Divisions action on the left, then the division tab. You can then enter the name of the new division and click update. In the example below I am saving a division for 4year (university) schools. I'll also save a division for 2year (community colleges).

Step 2: Assign Schools to Sweepstakes Divisions (Entries->Schools->Sweepstakes Divisions->Schools)

Here, you can quickly toggle what schools should be in each sweepstakes division. For this sample tournament, I'm assigning universities to 4year and community colleges to 2year. Once you are done click the update button to save the assignments.

FTN will now know what schools should be in what division when calculating team sweepstakes.

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