Adjusting Team Sweepstakes Points

Occasionally, you may need to adjust team sweepstakes points to account for odd things at your tournament (such as judge errors) or account for sweepstakes points calculations that FTN does not currently support.  

Step 1: Results->Sweepstakes

On the sweepstakes page you can click on the "Adjust Points" button:

Step 2: Save Adjusted Points for each school

You can then save adjusted points for each school at the tournament. 

You can enter a positive number (such as 10) to add points to the school's sweepstakes total. Or you can enter a negative number (such as -5.5) to reduce the school's sweepstakes total. Enter a reason and click save. The reason entered here will show up as an * underneath the sweepstakes data table. 

You will then see a list of all adjusted points underneath the form. If you made an error you can delete the adjusted points and save a new one. Just click on the X to delete the adjusted points.

Note that when you go to run sweepstakes results you will see a list of the saved adjusted points to remind you of any points saved:

These adjusted points will now show up as a new column at the end of the data table and the added or subtracted points reflected in the school's total:

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