Fee Sheets

ForensicsTournament.net can calculate fee sheets for your tournament taking into account school fees, entries, and judging fees.

1) Setup->Fees

2) Options

Here you can control whether or not you will collect credit card payments from coaches for your tournament. You can also save who you'd like checks made payable to which will appear on the fee sheets coaches see when registering for the tournament.

3) Add/Edit Fee

This page will allow you to add new fees and/or edit existing ones. First, select the fee type that you would like to add/edit

School Fee

This is a fee charged per school that attends your tournament. Note that you can toggle whether or not you charge this fee on a "per tournament" day basis or a single flat fee. Most tournaments do not charge per day. Below, you can see what the form would look like for a single $25 per school fee. Click save.

Event Fee

While you most likely saved this fee information when you saved the events, this section allows you to quickly review and make any edits in case you need to update a particular event fee. You can also edit this by going to the Setup->Events page and clicking on the event directly.

Judging Fee

This section allows you to charge schools if they have insufficient judges to cover their entries. At most tournaments, 1 judge would "cover" two debate teams per pattern and 5 individual event entries per pattern. If a school doesn't have enough judges, tournaments will often allow schools to "buy out" of judging commitments.

You will need to first select the pattern, then the event type, note how many entries each judge covers by default, and the fee per uncovered entry.  

For example, if I want to charge a school $10 per uncovered individual event entry in pattern A, I would enter the form as such and click Save.

The program would calculate the total number of individual event entries in pattern A and subtract the number of judges judges a school registered for individual events times 5 (Each judge covers). Thus, if a school has 10 individual event entries in pattern A and two judges registered, they would be charged $0.  However, if a school has 13 individual event entries they would be charged $30 [(13 total entries - (2 judges *5 entries/judge)) * $10 fee per uncovered].

If I wanted to charge $50 per uncovered debate entry in pattern C I would add a row for pattern C in debate event types:

Most tournaments will look something like the form above. For convenience, note that the events in each pattern are listed below the form:

Per Person Fee

This fee type allows you to charge schools a certain fee per competitor and/or per judge registered for the tournament. Some tournaments charge these fees to help offset the cost of food served to the tournament.

You can set whether you want to charge this on a per tournament day basis, add any comments to explain the fee to coaches, and enter the amount. Click Save.

4) Existing Fees

This action allows you to quickly review any fees you have saved for your tournament.

5) Fee Sheets

This is a quick shortcut to quickly view school fee sheets at your tournament. This can be helpful to check if the fee calculations are correct. Click on a school name to view the fee sheet.

6) Advanced

This action allows you to turn on or off the fee sheets for your tournament. If your tournament has an especially complex fee structure, you may prefer to calculate fees on your own and not show the ones generated by the site to the coaches.

The fee sheets will then look something like this:

You can either print these out, save as a PDF, or copy/paste these fee sheets to Word/Google Docs if you need to make edits. 

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