Accepting Payments


Starting in Fall 2020, we can now offer tournament directors the option of collecting fee payments by schools directly on via Credit Card.  This feature can help streamline fee collection, especially with online tournaments. It can also ensure fees are paid before tournaments.

Schools paying their tournament fees with are charged a 4.5% process surcharge. This is to cover the costs with processing credit card payments.  So if School A owes $100 for the tournament, they will be charged $104.50 with $100 going towards the tournament and $4.50 going towards to cover costs.

Tournament directors collecting fee payments through are also charged a 4.5% payout surcharge. This is, as well, to cover the costs with processing payments via check. So if your tournament collects $1000 in fees via this new method, we will distribute $955 after taking out the $45 in fees. 

We will also deduct the cost of hosting the tournament from this amount to streamline paying the invoice.

Checks are processed the Monday morning after your tournament is complete and sent via USPS certified mail. You should expect the check to normally arrive 3-5 business days. Any tournament fees paid by schools after the first check is disbursed will be processed the following Monday morning.
Only US addresses are currently available.
NO electronic transfers are done to ensure there is a clear paper trail of all monies transferred.

1) Setup->Fees

2) Options->Accept Payments

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