Custom Charges or Refunds

If you need to charge or refund a specific school fees at your tournament, you can do so on the School Fees Page.

1) Entries->School Fees

2) Custom Charges/Refunds

Then go to the Custom Charges/Refund action on the left:

Here, you can select which school you need to charge/refund, provide a short description, and enter the amount.

Enter a positive number to charge a fee; enter a negative number to provide a refund.

Custom Charges

For example, if I needed to charge Mt. SAC $25 in extra fees for late drops, I would fill out the form as such:


If, on the other hand, I wanted to refund Mt. SAC $100 since they brought extra judges to the tournament, I would fill out the form as such:

If you add a fee by mistake, just delete it by clicking on the red X in the custom fees table underneath the form:

3) Shows up on fee sheets

Once you save the custom charge or refund, the school will see it reflected on their individual tournament fee sheet. It will also show up on all fee sheets on the admin side.

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