Fellowship Award Results

If your tournament is offering Fellowship awards for students to vote on, you can quickly view the results.

1) Results->Special Awards

2) Select the event and any options

You can control the number to list on the screen (such as top 10 only), whether or not you want the ballot data included on the page, and/or whether you want the results in reverse order (so that #1 is at the bottom of the page - can be helpful when announcing).

3) Sent to Screen (to view) or PDF (to print)

The result sheet will appear. If you sent it to screen, you can always copy/paste the table into excel or word if you need to make manual edits. By default, students are ranked by number of firsts, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths (most number of firsts ranked highest, ties broken on most number of seconds, etc).

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