Creating Fellowship Awards

If your tournament offers students the ability to vote on fellowship awards, you can now manage those through

1) Create a New Award (Setup->Special Awards)

2) Save a New Award

You can then click on the "+ New Special Award" action on the left and create your award. Note that these are currently designed to be an event specific award. 

For example, at the Phi Rho Pi National Championship tournament, students in NFA-LD can vote for the FISH-NELSON award. Students are given a ballot and asked to rank their competition 1-5 on which of their opponents represented the best in intercollegiate forensics. Setting up the FISH-NELSON would look like the following:

3) Edit an Existing Award

You can also edit an existing awards by clicking on the "Existing Special Awards" action on the left and then the award you wish to edit.

Change the award details and click update. 

You can also delete the award by checking the delete box and clicking update.

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