Competitor Waivers

Some tournaments may require that each competitor agree to a waiver in order to participate in the tournament. For example, online tournaments may want waivers to be signed ahead of time to limit liability for zoom bombing during the tournament. Other tournaments may want all competitors to agree to be video taped during the final round.

If multiple tournaments use the same waiver, the signed waiver will follow the student to subsequent tournaments avoiding the need to continuously agree to the waiver.

If the tournament you are attending is requires a competitor waiver, you will see this section on the tournament registration page:

Viewing the Waiver

If you click on the "Competitor Waiver" section you can view the waiver by clicking the waiver name:

Sending out Waivers

As the coach, it is your responsibility to send out the waivers to your student. This is designed so that coaches have the option of sending the waivers; coaches might have a team policy that would preclude the signing of a waiver.

For example, some schools may never want their competitors to sign a video release waiver. In that case, your students will show up as having not agreed to the waiver and judges know to turn off video recording equipment.

If you do want your students to sign the waiver, simply click the "Send Reminder" button to send an email to all students to agree to the waiver. NOTE: only students who have an email saved on will receive these reminders. [View this article for information on saving emails for your students]. 

Your students will receive an email that looks like this with a link to click on to view the waiver:

Agreeing to the Waiver

Once the student (or their parent/legal guardian) clicks on the link they will be able to view the entire waiver and agree.

After clicking to agree, the waiver will note the date it was electronically signed.

Revoking Agreement

If a student subsequently wants to revoke their agreement to the waiver, they can click on the button at the bottom of the waiver.

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