Adding Email or Phone Numbers

ForensicsTournament can send out an electronic copy of postings to students via email or text.  Judges, as well, can receive an electronic ballot.  However, in order for this to work, you must save a valid email and/or phone number for each student or judge on your roster.  You can do this in just a few easy steps:

Updating Student Rosters

1) Go to your Student roster. After logging in, click on the drop down menu for your school and click on the student roster page:

2) You can then either click on an individual student to edit their information or the edit all to quickly update all of your students:

3) Add their email and/or phone number

4) Set the student's posting preference to either email or text. This is the method ForensicsTournament will use to contact the student.

5) Click Update to save your changes

Updating Judge Rosters 

You can follow the same process for your judges on the judge roster - only this time, make sure to set the Ballot Preference. 

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