Judge Strike Setup

FTN allows for debate tournaments to record judge strikes per debate entry.  These are often used so debate teams can remove a certain number of judges from judging them at the tournament.

Step 1 - Enable Judge Strikes (Setup->Judges)

You can then turn on the judge strike system and click update.

Step 2: Configure Judge Strike System

Once you have enabled the judge strike system, a new menu option will appear in the setup dropdown menu that will allow you to configure the judge strike system.

This page will allow you to control whether strikes can be entered (usually tournaments will wait until the judging pool is established), set a short message (max 255 characters), and set the number of strikes per team. For example, the following configuration enables strikes for coaches to be entered, sets the short message, and allows each team to record 5 strikes. Click update.

Once enabled, coaches can then go to the judge strike page from the tournament home page to record their strikes.  As tournament admin, you can also enter strikes manually and create judge strike confirmation sheets.

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