Registering Hotel Rooms

As coaches, tournaments (such as Phi Rho Pi) may ask you to register hotel information (such as arrival, departure, names of occupants) which the tournament directors then use to make hotel registrations.  If a tournament has turned on this feature, you can easily make hotel registrations on the Registration page.

1. Register->Hotel Registration->Add New

This form will allow you to type in the names of the hotel room occupants (press enter after each name), select the arrival/departure date, and (if requested) toggle whether this hotel room will serve as a competition room. See the video below:

You will then see your hotel registration listed under the Existing header. 

2. Edit Existing Hotel Registrations

If you click on the edit button you can add/remove names of room occupants, update the arrival/departure date, toggle whether the room is a competition room, and/or delete the registration altogether. Click update.

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