Adding Competitors to a School

You will sometimes need to add competitors to a school's roster if the school has not already saved that student to their roster. For example, if a school forgot to register a student, and you are trying to add their entry, but the student is not showing up on the competitor drop down list on the Add Entries page.

To add a student to a school's roster

1) Go to the Entries->Competitors and click on the Add New Competitor link on the left hand side menu.

2) Search for the school in the database. If the school does not show up please see the Creating a New School tutorial on how to first create a school in the system.

3) type in the competitor's name and click save.  The student will now be on this school's roster.  If you go back to the Entries->Entries page, this student should now show up under this school's roster so you can add them to the tournament.

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