Adding Schools That Didn't Register

If you need to add a school that has not registered for the tournament you can quickly do so from the Entries->Entries page.

1) Click on the "Add New Entry" link on the left hand side menu. That will take you to a page that looks like this:

2) For the school drop down select "** new school" at the bottom of the list. That will popup a search box which will let you find the school if they have already setup an account on For example, if I was trying to add entries for Mt. San Antonio College at the 2019 PSCFA Warmup tournament, I could start searching for the school and once I see it listed click on it:

After you select the school, choose the event and competitors and click save. The school will now be registered for the tournament. You can then continue to add entries for the school as needed.  

If you need to register a student for the tournament which has not already been saved to the school's student roster, please see this tutorial on how to add a student to an existing school.

** NOTE **

If the school you are trying to add has not yet registered on, then you will need to 1) create the school in the database and 2) create their student roster

1) Go to the Entries->Schools page and click on "Add New School" link on the left hand side menu. That will take you to a page that looks like this:

You can enter the full school name (Such as Mt. San Antonio College), short name (Mt. SAC) and select the school level.  Click save and the school will now be saved in the database.  However, since it is a new school, it will not have a student or judge roster saved to the school.  

2) Save the competitors and/or judges to the school so you can add their entries/judges. For more information, see the tutorials on saving competitors or saving judges.

3) You can now proceed to step 1 in the first section to add entries since the school is now saved in the system along with the student/judge roster.

If you are looking to add a Hired Judge school please see the hired judge tutorial.

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