British Parliamentary Judge Assignments

If you are running a British Parliamentary Debate tournament, ForensicsTournament uses the following system to assign judges.

Generally, you should make sure you have at least as many chairs & panelist judges as the number of debate sections per round. Judges rated as wing and/or training will rarely be automatically placed. You should generally rate most judges as your tournament as panelist.

You can always manually assign wing/training judges as you see fit.

1. Chair Judges

The first pass assigns a chair to the debate. All judges rated as Chairs on their BP Ratings are considered for position 1.

2. Panelist Judges

If you have set the number of judges for each debate to at least two, the second pass assigns a panelist to the debate. All judges marked as Panelist are considered for position 2.

You can allow chair judges to also be assigned to position 2 if you update the "Assign Chairs as Panelists" setting either tournament wide (Setup->Tab Settings, British Parliamentary, judging tab) or on an event-by-event setting (Setup->Events, choose your event, go to judging tab).

3. Remaining Judges

If you have set more than 2 judges per debate, any remaining judge spots are filled with panelist judges or below. This is done in an effort to save chair judges for subsequent debates. It avoids a situation where three chair eligible judges are assigned to one debate leaving none for a subsequent debate.

Need to change?

You have full control over who judges each debate. You can manually assign judges from the Pair/Section->View/Edit page. Note that Judge #1 is considered the chair for the debate.

You can also use the Pair/Section->Change Judges form.

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