Specific Competitor Requests

If you need to collect specific information from each competitor at your tournament, such as novice eligibility or T-Shirt sizes, you can setup that by adding a Competitor Specific Request. 

1. Setup->Competitor Settings

2. Add a New Request

You will need to add 

  • a short description that will be used to display data for tournament directors (such as tshirt)
  • a question that will be showed to coaches when registering (such as "What size tshirt would this competitor like?")
  • Request type of either dropdown or text book. A dropdown will force a choice between the possible answers provided whereas the text box will allow coaches to type in their response. Usually, a dropdown is better since you force coaches to choose a specific response.
  • Possible Dropdown answers refer to the options that will be provided for coaches in the dropdown box if you select that request type (such as small, medium, large, x-large).

Click save to save the request.

3. Editing Requests

If you need to edit a request click on "Existing Requests", select the request, and edit as needed.

NOTE: if you delete a request, you will also delete all responses. Please proceed carefully. 

4. Viewing Data (Entries->Competitors)

You can then view tournament data by going to the Reports tab on the competitors page:

The report will let you search by competitor name, school, request data, etc... You can also sort each column.

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