Event Prompts

For events that require prompts (such as extemp, impromptu, some forms of debate), you can easily set these up ahead of time to be included on the eBallots and the result sheets following your tournamnet.

1) Go to Setup->Events  

2) Click on the "Event Prompts" action on the left hand menu

3) First, you'll need to turn on prompts for the events that will have event prompts. After clicking update, you'll see a new link to set the prompts for the event.

4) On this page, you can select each schedule block for that event and enter the prompts for each speaker. After entering the prompts, make sure to click "Save" at the bottom.  You can then add the prompts for other schedule blocks by selecting the next round at the top.

So for impromptu, my round 1 page might look like the following:

If you are using eBallots, these prompts will be listed on the eBallot directly for the judge to copy/paste into the video conferencing chat window.

If you are setting up a debate format, you can enter the prompts just for speaker 1. That way the judge can get the prompts and share them with both debaters. No need to copy/paste it into both boxes.

5) Following the tournament, once you make your results public, the prompts will be available for view:

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