Competing in Live Video Rounds

Live Video rounds allow judges and competitors to meet in a video conference room powered by software called Jitsi directly on  You can access the video conference directly through your browser as long as your laptop/computer has a webcam & microphone. There is no need for accounts or logins.

You can also use your smartphone by downloading the Jitsi app available on iOS or Android

As a student competing in a Live Video Round, you will want to visit the electronic postings for your event available from the tournament home page.  Where the Room Name was usually listed you will now see a link to your Live Video Room.  

[Screen Shot]

If you are unable to access the link, copy down the Live Video Round room name (such as C2C.22) to type it in manually either on the video rounds page[LINK] or in the app.  

Clicking the link will take you to your Live Video Round conference room.  You should see the judge and other competitors on the screen.  

[Screen Shot]

You'll need to allow access to your camera and microphone.  

Some other helpful options available are Tile View which will put all participants on the screen at the same time.You can also turn off your microphone when you are not competing to avoid any distracting sounds.  

Once the round is complete the judge will dismiss all participants.

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