Wait Lists

If the tournament you are registering for has setup the wait list feature, you will see a waiting list rank each time you register an entry:

You can edit those wait lists by clicking on the "Wait List" menu item on the left hand side under register:

If the tournament is using a "global" wait list system, you will see one long list of all your entries.  You can click and drag entries up or down until you are happy with the order. Click and hold on the up/down arrow on the right hand side to move entries up or down.  Then click on the "Update Wait List Order" button to update the list.  

You'll note that any entries which have been adjusted will have a new "updated" time.  Some tournaments use last updated to help sorting entries.

If the tournament is using a "pattern" wait list system, you will see buttons to load your wait list for each pattern:

Click on the button for the pattern you want to view. You'll then see the wait list with all of the entries in that particular pattern.  Again, you can move entries up or down by clicking on the entry and dragging it to the new position on the list.  Click the "Update Wait List Order" button to save the new order.

If the tournament is using an "event" wait list system, you'll see a drop down allowing you to select each event at the tournament. Your entries will then load for that particular event in rank order.  

You can adjust the entries and click update.

ForensicsTournament.net assumes all entries on the wait list are "registered" for the tournament.  The tournament director may, if required, drop entries that don't make the tournament.  Look for information from the tournament directors on whether particular entries made it into the tournament. 

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