Limiting Registration to Invited Schools

Some tournament directors may want to limit only certain schools to register for their tournament. This setting is intended mainly as an option for an initial registration period.  Once that period has passed, you can then change the status to "Accepting Entries" to allow all schools to register.

First, go to the Setup->Tournament Status page 

and select Registration for Invited Schools only option:

After clicking update status, you'll see a new section where you can invite schools and/or delete existing invitations.  Search for the school and click 'invite.'  The school will receive a quick email notification letting them know you've invited them to register for the tournament.  

NOTE: This setting will limit only the schools listed to register as long as the tournament status is "Registration for Invited Schools only." If you change the status to "Accepting Entries" any school can register.  

NOTE: You will also need to invite your own school if you are hosting the tournament.

Existing invitations will appear under the Invited Schools list.  You can remove an existing invitation by clicking on the X.

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