Judge Dance Cards

EverythingTab provides an easy way to generate judge dance cards. Dance cards refer to a list of what rounds a judge is scheduled to judge.  This can be useful when you pair the tournament ahead of time and can let judges know all the rounds they will judge. 

Go to the Entries->Judges page and click on the View/Print Report section:

You can then click on the Judge Cards link under Tournament Data on the right hand side. That will take you to the main page where you can set some options:

The Include Judge Types option sets whether the event types the judge is scheduled to see is printed on the judge card.  For example, if a judge is set to judge IEs it will print "Judge IEs: Y"

The Page Breaks option controls whether after each dance card a page break will be added.  This is helpful if you are going to print and distribute the dance cards to judges.  One benefit of EverythingTab being on the web is that you can always copy/paste the dance cards into Word or similar word processing program and make changes as needed.

The Dance Card Message provides a space where you can type a brief message that will be included on each dance card.

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