Collapsing Events

Occasionally,when you offer multiple divisions of an event, you may need to collapse events which are too small to make.  For example, you may intend to offer both Novice Communication Analysis and Open Communication Analysis at your tournament.  However, once registration closes, there is only 4 novice speakers and 5 open speakers.  Most tournaments, in this case, would collapse the novice division into the open division.   

Go to the Setup->Events page and click on the "Collapse Events" menu on the left hand side:

On the collapse event page, you can then select the original event that is too small and the new event you want to collapse the original event into.  

So, for the example listed above, I would select Novice Comm Analysis for the original event and Open Comm Analysis for the new event. This would convert all novice entries into open entries.  After clicking update, the Novice event will have 0 entries and the Open event will have 9.

NOTE: As of 10/10/19, will not keep record of the original entries.  If you want to still recognize the top novice, for example, make sure to print out or note which students were originally entered in novice.  I hope to add that feature to track collapsed entries in the near future.

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