Allowing Schools To Register

When you are hosting a tournament on the site, there are a few different statuses the tournament can be:

1) Accepting Entries - schools can register for the tournament.  Most tournaments keep this open until the Tuesday evening before the tournament.

2) Adds, changes, or drops for existing schools only (no new schools) - this restricts any entries to only those schools who have already registered. This should allow those schools to make changes but prohibits a new school from registering and dramatically changing your entries.  Most tournaments use this setting until about two nights before the tournament.  This can save you countless emails as coaches can change or drop students directly.

3) Drops only (No new schools, changes, or adds) - this lets coaches drop students but does not accept any changes or new entries. This can be helpful so you know the maximum number of entries for planning rooms and judges.  Coaches can still drop students without having to send emails but any adds need to go through you as the tournament director.    Most tournaments use this setting until the night before the tournament.

4) Registration System Shutdown (no new schools, changes, adds, or drops) - this essentially freezes changes on the registration side of the tournament.  While you can still make changes from the admin menu, coaches can no longer make a change without contacting you.  Most tournaments use this setting once you start sectioning rounds or pairing debates.

5) Tournament Completed - your tournament has finished! It will no longer be listed under upcoming tournaments on the tournament calendar. It will also be listed on the tournament results page as one of the last 20 tournaments completed.

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