Recording Debate Ballots

When it's time to record ballots, go the Tab->Record Ballots page.  It will look like this:

On each ballot, locate the ballot code in the top left corner. Enter into the box and click load.  The ballot will then load which should look very similar to the paper ballot in front of you.

Recording the Decision: You can either click on the 'Lost' button next to the team name to toggle it the button to 'Won' or, type the letter A or N after the ballot loads.  

A records the win for the team on the left (usually referred to as the affirmative team for most debate formats) and N records the win for the team on the right.

Recording Ranks/Speaker Points: You can then start typing the scores for the ranks & speaker points. The form will automatically tab you over to the next box as soon as you enter a rank or two digits in the speaker points box.  

If you need to enter half points (such as 25.5) simply press a period once the form tabs over to the next box. It will go back and add a .5 on the previous box.

So if your ballot looked like this:

You could enter the results with the following key strokes after loading the record results page:

  1. 22 [enter] (this will load ballot 22)
  2. a (this will record the result for the aff team/team on the left)
  3. 1-29-. (ignore the dashes, this will record a 1st place rank with 29.5 speaker points for aff team, speaker 1)
  4. 2-28-3-27-4-26 (this will record the rest of the points for each speaker. The program goes Aff speaker 1 rank, Aff speaker 1 points, Aff speaker 2 rank, Aff Speaker 2 points, Neg Speaker 1 Rank, etc... depending on the number of speakers in the event and whether you set that you are recording ranks/points on the Settings page.
  5. [enter] will save the ballot

Here is a quick screen shot of typing the above sequence in order. 

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