Event Lists

At various times in the tournament you may want to quickly view the number of entries in each event. You can do so by going to Setup->Events page and clicking on the View/Print section:

1) Select which events you want to select.  You can select multiple events either by selecting them with the mouse or holding CTRL on the keyboard.

2) Select the options you'd like listed in the report.  Entry counts will list the total number of active entries in the event.  Room Estimate tries to give you a rough estimate of the number of rooms required for this event.  For IE events the program looks what you've set the maximum number of speakers per section which defaults to 6 if you haven't changed it.  Competitor list will list each student in each event and Sign in will add a column for students to sign in at the tournament to the report.

3) You can then choose to send the report to either the screen (for viewing or copy/paste into another program) or PDF (best for printing). Here is the report with all the options checked:

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