Recording No Shows in Individual Events

In case a competitor does not show up to a round in individual events, the program will still need a score.  The preferred method is to rank the student 9 with speaker points of 1.  This should all but guarantee they can not advanced to elimination rounds and allows coaches to know the student no-showed. 

Imagine a situation where competitor #5 did not show up to the round.  Enter the ranks as listed on the ballot but substitute 9-1 for competitor #5:

Once you click save, the program will notice the rank of 9 which is probably higher than the maximum prelim rank you set for the tournament.  You'll notice both the rank gets highlighted and a new "override" checkbox is available to click. This override checkbox will stop the program from doing any error checking on the ballot and allow you to submit.  EverythingTab will check for maximum/minimum rank/points, duplicate ranks, etc...  But if something which violates the usual rules happens - such as you must give two 1st place ranks in a round for some reason - just click override and then save. You can also type the letter z to check the override box without leaving the keyboard.

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