Testing Tournament

If you would like to try out ForensicsTournament.net using test (dummy) data, you can do so easily by visiting https://testing.forensicstournament.net You can use your FTN login and password to login and then go to the Create New Tournament link:

Step 1: Create New Tournament

You'll see an option for trying out the site (note: you must be on the testing server for this option to appear):

Step 2: Test Tournament Options

Click on the Create Test Tournament button to be presented with various tournament options such as the event types. Click the Green Create Test Tournament button to generate your tournament. 

It will take just a few seconds to generate your tournament with 15 schools and a variety of entries and judges:

Click on the tournament admin page link to go to the admin page for your test tournament:

You can then go through and test out the software. NOTE: no emails or texts will be sent from the testing server; they will be silently discarded.

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