Require Schools to Confirm Mailing Address

If your tournament plans to mail items to schools after the tournament, it can be helpful to require that schools confirm their addresses before registering for the tournament. For example, online tournaments will often mail trophies to schools after the tournament is over.  Ensuring that schools have a valid mailing address will save tournament directors substantial time from tracking down this information after the tournament is completed.

Since this feature is not used at many tournaments, you must first enable it under Tab Settings.

1. Setup->Tab Settings

2. Tournament Settings->Schools

Once you have enabled that your tournament requires address confirmation, before schools can register, they will be presented with the following page that will fill in their existing address information (if saved) for the coach to confirm:

3. Entries->Schools

You can view the mailing addresses for all schools on the school report page 

4. View/Print Reports->Mailing Addresses

Here is a sample mailing address report:

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