Ballot Review

Some tournaments allow coaches to review ballots before elimination rounds. At Phi Rho Pi, for example, coaches can review ballots to ensure no competitors are left off elimination rounds due to a tab or judge mistake. Note that Tournament Directors must turn on this feature - if you do not see the Ballot Review action on the tournament home page, please contact the tournament director.

1) Ballot Review

2) Break Lists

If released by the tournament director, competitors who have advanced from the preliminary rounds to elimination rounds will be listed here. Note that any students from your current school will be highlighted in bold.

Click on the event name and then the round you wish to see the break list for:

The tournament director may also type in a short informational message underneath the break list indicating what it took to advance.

3) Ballots

If the tournament director has released eBallots for coaches to review, you can click on the Ballot Review tab at the top. Select the event and any entries your school has in that event will show up:

You can see in the example above, that the competitor in informative speaking did not advance to elimination rounds. Clicking on the preliminary ranks (3 3 4) will bring up their eBallots to review. Based on the break list available on the earlier screen shot, we can see that the competitor's total rank (3+3+4=10) is above the break of 8 it took to advance. So we can confirm that the competitor should not have advanced to elimination rounds.

4) Event Rankings

If the tournament director has released Event Rankings, click on the 'Event Rankings' tab at the top and then the event. By default, most tournaments will mask all the other competitors and scores in the event but will let you see your school's entries:

5) Result Sheets

You can review result sheets in the same way as event rankings. Click the "Result Sheets" tab at the top and then the event. Again, as with Event Rankings, by default all other school's information is masked. (please ignore the odd opponents/judges below, this screenshot is from a test tournament).

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