Updating School Codes

ForensicsTournament.net has the ability to mask what school a competitor is associated with to help avoid potential judge conflict of interests. While the program automatically randomly assigns a two letter code as each school registers (such as DG), you can easily update these as needed.

1) Entries->Schools

First, go to the schools page by clicking on Entries->Schools.

2) Go to the School Masks action item on the left

3) Update an individual School Mask  

If you just want to update a single school type the new school mask in the box and click update at the bottom of the page. This new mask will now be used throughout the program.

4) Quickly update all the masks

If you need to quickly update all the school masks to change between using letters or numbers or you just want a fresh set of masks, click the "Update All >" link in the table header. 

This link will take you to a new page where you can quickly change all the masks to new letters or new numbers. Click on the Letters or Numbers links in the table header to quickly update all of the masks. 

You can review them and then click update to save.

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